Hi there! You must be concerned about your privacy if you're reading this message. Your time is valuable so we'll keep it simple.

  1. We collect your first name, last name, and email address and no other information from you.
  2. We'll use this information ONLY after you have completed the contest by referring another person(s) who enter their contact information for this contest as well. Once you reach the required referral points, we will be adding you to our list of interested certification participants, send you occasional certification-related reminder emails that include an opt-out link, and send you occasional marketing emails for products we think will be of interest to you with an opt-out link as well. 
  3. We promise not to transfer your information to a 3rd party service that are not directly required for us to perform business.
  4. Every email we send will include a link to opt out of any future communication. You can also contact directly if you wish for your data to be 100% deleted.

That's all for now! This policy may be changed in the future, but we realize that you're paying us with your attention and it's our goal to respect that transaction.